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Manufacturers and Suppliers of Cocopeats



is a completely organic, soil-free potting medium which can also be used as a replacement for soil and peatmoss. Bio-degradable and 100% eco-friendly, it is made of natural coir fibre. Cocopeat consists of mainly lignosae material free from any admixtured heavy metals. Cocopeat has an excellent variety of applications in the Green industry.

Alamu Coco Peats is one of the globally acclaimed Organization engaged in the manufacturer and export of Coco Peat Blocks , Coir Pith Blocks and other Coco peat Products for various agriculture industries across the globe. An innovative company, Alamu Coco Peats has achieved market recognition and significant market acceptance with their core product range.

We are the manufacturer of coconut palm products as Coco peat , copra sludge(oil cake), coconut oil, coconut chips, coconut shell charcoal, coconut fiber(coir), coir rope and net,. We have spent many years in this business field both as a producer and as an exporter. As you know, coconut palm products are environmental - friendly matters being extracted coconut husks, and used for agricultural propose and allied industries and used for furniture, automobile, engineering work, gardening, fisheries, waste water filter, air filter, cosmetics etc.

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Working in close cooperation with various sectors of the International agriculture, horticulture and oil industries, has led to the development of products for potting mix manufacturers, vegetable and flower growers, greenhouse hydroponics production, golf green construction and many other specialist applications. As a different concept, Alamu Coco Peats [COCO ABSORBENTS] is having a very good market in oil industries for oil cleaning and Removal of various hazardous fuel wastes. This is also a different concept for Cocopeat Products.

We are pioneering Manufacturers & Exporters of COCOPEAT based bales, blocks, hydroponic growbags, pads, potting soil mixtures, agricultural fibres, agricultural charcoal, terracotta chips, rubberized coir products & hop twines. We offer standard 5 Kilo blocks of premium Cocopeat palletized or floor loaded. We can adjust the medium structure, particle density, fibre content, AFP & sieve size to end user's requirement.

We are specialized in producing COCONUT PRODUCTS included: desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, copra, Cocopeat , coir rope, coir net, coir mat, coconut handicraft, coconut shell charcoal for BBQ,activated carbon. Cocopeat fibre is used to produce different items namely cocopeat bale, cocopeat bags, cocopeat briquettes, cocopeat tablets, etc. This makes an excellent growing medium for hydrophonics or container plant growing.